WholeBody Pilates exists to help you reach your fitness goals. We use all of our tools in the Fitness toolbox to help you achieve better posture; strong, long, and lean muscles; improve your health; and find your place in a welcoming community. 

This is a workout haven for you. 


About Dana

Dana Goodale has been a fitness and healthcare professional for over 18 years, specializing in Pilates, Barre, Cycling, Yoga, and Bodybuilding. Her breadth and depth of knowledge allows her to create workouts to support a variety of student types. Dana loves working with people, all ages, and it different fitness levels to reach their goals or for general health.

She has also been a part of competitive bodybuilding, developing knowledge on muscle building and nutrition. Dana herself has competed and two shows recently, placing in the top five in both.

Dana is a Stott Pilates instructor and graduated from Missouri State University with a BFA and Dance studies. Dana is certified to work with special populations, which would allow clients with MS, Parkinson's, and specific needs help them create workouts that are best for them.